Thursday, July 13, 2017

Reebok x Nike

Thursday already? Yay! No plans for the weekend I'm just happy its almost time for me to rest. I honestly would love to watch Sex And The City and drink wine all weekend. Lazy weekends are always a great idea!

When it comes to running a few errands I'm reaching in my closet for my most comfy clothes aka a t-shirt, loose pair of shorts and slip on a pair of shoes. I styled this look around my mint green loose fitting shorts - serving as my pop of color (which is always a good idea)

I love styling pieces that doesn't go together -in my case a Reebok tee paired with Nike slides. I don't know why I love pairing opposites but sometimes it just works. Style is all about having fun and wearing whatever the heck you want to wear!

What random pieces do you like to pair together?


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