Thursday, June 22, 2017

Women Supporting Women

Today is National Supporting Women Day! -AKA something I made up. lol..

When you turn on the television what do you see? Some good shows, some bad and the inbetween. In the more "popular" shows they tend to have quite a bit of drama. This person doesn't like that person for some odd reason -some say it's scripted. I say whether the show is scripted or not the message that they're putting out there is, in my opinion, the wrong one. Rarely do we see shows that display women supporting one another, and I mean rarely! 

So today's post is about supporting other women and wanting to see them win in life. By supporting I mean : those who already have a business/something they stand for and also supporting those who need that extra push and a bit of motivation! There's no need for hate -there's enough room for ALL OF US to be successful !!

The woman I'm supporting today is the visual story teller and self care educator herself, Mrs. Eleshia Simms - Harris also known on Instagram as @ElleTheBrand! She is the voice of motivation, confidence, peace -she is the voice of Instagram. 

The definition of a REAL woman whose in love with the beautiful skin that she's in! 

Her movement is 'Living Your Truth'. She made the decision to live her life without fear and to live life by her own rules (not the rules of this cookie cutter world). In the face of hatred and rejection her life wins!

Check out Eleshia's story on her Instagram page (@ellethebrand)  and also visit her website (


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  1. Wow! Simply beautiful, I am speechless. Humbled & grateful. Thank you.


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