Sunday, June 18, 2017

How To Beat The Summer Heat

This entire week it has been in the 90's and I simply can't deal! Sometimes (if not all the time) its literally too hot to get dressed in Texas. When I'm out and I see people with cropped tops on I envy them (because of how my mid section is set up I'm currently not able to wear cropped anything). Any who, So what I do when its blazing hot out I wear a thin t-shirt dress (with shorts of course) and a pair of flip flops. My shirt is from my favorite clothing store H&M and was about 10 bucks -so you know I had to stack up on just about every color. Be sure to shop my look below so we can beat this summer heat together ....and in style of course!

What do you throw on when its hot out?!


Love you guys, thanks for reading


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