Thursday, April 20, 2017

Women In The Men's Section

Full denim will always be timeless like all black from head toe -you simply just can't go wrong. I few years ago I fell in love with solid colored outfits , its simple yet stylish. My go to when I can't think  of anything to wear (even with closets full of clothes) is an all black look but denim works just as well. The key to styling denim is using different shades of blue -gives it a nice contrast. A tip for shopping (if you love oversized pieces) -browse around the men's section for an oversized jacket/crew neck top and pair it with more form fitting pieces. With this look I style an oversized men's Levi jacket with a pair of fitted Levi 712 slim jeans. To complement the baggy jacket I threw on my "dad hat" with a backpack purse as opposed to a more feminine bag. Shop my look down below. 

Do you love shopping in the men's department as much as I do?!


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