Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Tuesday Inspiration

What to do when you've lost your inspiration?

Oh how the life of a blogger is so easy when the content keeps rolling in. When topics come to us naturally and its like a walk in the park writing posts. But how we dread the days when we can't think of anything to post and every outfit we put together just doesn't look right!

What we all should do day to day is keep our eyes open while keeping an open mind. There's inspiration everywhere. The store to pick up dinner for tonight, the movies we watch, from social media, to the books we read. I believe we're so wrapped up in our day and the pressure of coming up with content, we all just need to stop, breath and take in what's around us and learn from it! At the beginning of your day remind yourself to keep an open mind and you'll have new content just in time to post for the day!   

What keeps me motivated as a small Blogger/YouTuber?

The cringing thought of being in the same place next year.

What do you do when you are at a lost for content?

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