Sunday, March 12, 2017

New Trend?! Or All Over The Place?

In a world where whenever we look around there's a new trend -and some times we look in the wrong direction and there's that lingering question in our minds "why in the world is this trending?!" Sometimes there's a trend that's so cool everyone starts wearing it, then it becomes boring (well to me anyway). As I've scrolled through social media and through some online shopping I've run across the dress over a pair of denim look. 

At first I just stared at it -ya know took it in then I began to continue scrolling (not really forming an opinion on it). But you know what guys...I think I like it! Especially this look here. It's sort of baby doll punk rock to me! I'm loving the different textures paired with a good pair of combat boots! *sigh* I adore!!!! 

P.S this looks like something you'd throw on to run to the store to grab what you forgot while you were out. Just grab what's laying around and go! Hey, great things are created when you're not paying attention. 

Are you loving this look?! 

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