Monday, February 27, 2017

7 Oscar Red Carpet 2017 Favs

Last night I tuned in to The Oscars and as long as the Oscars is, it was very entertaining this year. Jimmy Kimmel surprising the tour guests by bringing them into the actual room where the Oscars was being held live was awesome (I smiled the entire time) and I loved how nice the actors/actresses were. I especially enjoyed the red carpet -it's always exciting to see who nailed it and who...failed it LOL! Here's my top 7 who nailed the carpet!

Viola Davis

The elegance that just exudes from this Oscar winning woman. The red complements her beautiful milky skin to perfection! Oh and how can one forget those shoulders! Her stylist nailed it with this dress! Loving the hair cut girl!

Janelle Monae

My Cinderella! The design of this dress, the belt, different textures, and that hair -I'm in love! Absolutely stunning! 

Scarlett Johansson

That hair -oh that hair, the first thing that caught my eye! She is simply gorgeous! I loved how her stylist paired this rock star belt with this famine gown - night and day never looked so effortless! I love how she's not wearing a necklace - just let the plunging neck line stand alone!

Taraji P Henson

She looked so lovely last night in this crushed velvet piece. The hair, necklace, clutch, and heels worked together perfectly.

Andrew Garfield

Yes he looks lovely and his suit is tailored to perfection, but can we talk about these loafers please?! Oh my, look at them, I mean really look at them -I want a pair!  

Mahershala Ali

I love a good tailored look paired with a nice shoe that complements the look of course. Mahershala looked very handsome last night and congrats on the Oscar win!!

Ryan Gosling

He never disappoints on screen or on the red carpet -he just gets it!

Who was your favorite on the red carpet?!

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