Thursday, January 19, 2017

Stirrup Pants A Trend In 2017?

All the rave in the 80's -slowly making its way back on the scene. A good pair of stirrups is what every girl needs in her closet! The pants that make it look like you gave a darn when getting dressed in the a.m. , even though you just grabbed them because they were the only thing in arms reach because they were hanging on your treadmill (that you don't use) from the night before -hey we all do it! I love these pants, really simple and easy to dress up or down. As I'm sure you can see I went with the dress down look this time. A comfy hoody, backpack purse and a pair of heels and out the door I went!

(Try wearing your stirrups on the outside of your heels *think outside the box*)

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