Monday, January 2, 2017

How To Motivate Your Space In 2017

Were two days in to 2017 (as crazy as it sounds) time for setting new goals and starting off on the right track. Lets start now and STAY on track, lets start checking off goals and tasks on our to-do list. Here's 3 ways to motivate your space in to 2017.

  1. One of my favorite things about the show 'Being Mary Jane' is her many inspirational posted notes. They were posted all over her window, bathroom mirror, and headboard. I believe it is very important to motivate yourself and write it down so you can read your goals or quotes everyday. So purchase a stack of sticky notes in your favorite color and/or a corkboard and inspire yourself!
  2. One of the things I got for Christmas this year is a computer desk, this is my second time sitting at this desk and I already feel more excited, more motivated to get things done and achieve more goals. With this desk I'm looking forward to slaying 2017 and doing what I need to do to get to where I want to be in life! Walmart has computer desks starting at $35.00 so there's no excuse not to purchase one! Heck save $15 twice (we all have bills so I understand)
  3. Invest in a good planner. There's tons of planners out there that will suit you perfectly and help you stay organized. My new "thing" that I love to do is watch how other people plan and organize their planners on YouTube. My most favorite "planner organizer" is  Alexis aka Miss Trenchcoat . 

Start today and slay babies, slay! 

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  1. A good planner is key! I'm currently using the Happy Planner and it's been tremendously helpful with staying on top of all of my weekly blog planning.

    Decorating a desk area is one of my favorite things to do, be sure to share your pictures!

    1. Girl I love a good planner and lots of unnecessary pens LOL! Will do --currently decorating my desk area, pictures coming soon! Thanks so much for reading! ;-)


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