Wednesday, January 4, 2017

How To Dress Up Sweats

My goal is to show you all that you can be on a budget and slay in the mean time. I also want to show that you can walk to the beat of your own drum and pair things together that don't necessarily "go together". To not only tell others there's a difference in style and fashion but to show you guys as well. In style we are allowed to express what it is we're feeling that day and give no *clears throat* cares what others think. Where fashion is more tailored, more put together, rules to follow, etc. --and who likes to follow rules?!

One of my favorite things to do is style sweats with the total opposite of what we're all so used to seeing, sneakers and flip flops. Why not dress sweat pants up a bit? Give them some attitude -make them more brunch appropriate. Went with a pair of slide in loafers and one of my favorite button ups from H&M. Grabbed my blush pink bomber to give my sweat pants some company to help with the more relaxed look. In a hurry I reached for my Michael Kors Camille watch -thought it went well with my loafers. Slung on my Betsey Johnson backpack purse and out the door I went!

What opposites do you like to pair together?!! Do share!


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