Friday, January 13, 2017

2017 Thoughts

I am currently sitting at my desk browsing, editing, and blogging while watching one of my favorite films, 'The Intern' starring Anne Hathaway and Robert DeNiro. About two hours ago I took a trip to Best Buy to look for an editing software (decided to do more research before purchasing). I am currently making an attempt to better myself and my brand --editing my life if you will. I've been brainstorming ways to get my blog/brand noticed in an organic way (of course) and how to make better content. 2017 for me is a "step your game up", "use your time wisely", "do better" kind of year. I not only want to be a better blogger but a better person -its all about balance. I plan on reading more, posting better content, and simply doing better today than I did yesterday.

Speaking of balance -I clocked in today, spent time with my mom, made time for my dreams (blogging, etc.), now its time for wine.

Signing off,


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