Sunday, November 6, 2016

November To-Do List

Well hello November! 

As much as I love Halloween, the scary movies, candy and costumes I was beyond ready for October to be over with. I have no clue why I was so over it this year? But I'm super excited that it's November  --holiday cooking, shopping and cleaning! There's certain things that I do during this time of year to get a head start and to stay organized. Here's a quick peak at my November to do list.

  1. Holiday Cleaning - When I was a youngin my mom kept a clean house, especially during the holidays! Me seeing that non stop I have picked up the same habits (making sure my house is together). 
  2. Christmas Decor - I absolutely love Christmas. Not necessarily because of the gifts I receive, but the whole feel of Christmas. The decorations, everyone in the store on a mission, and listening to Christmas music! I plan on decorating my house and putting up the tree next Saturday (11/12). I've decided to add different decor to my tree just to switch things up a bit. 
  3. Gifts - My mom and I are the people you see buying Christmas gifts on Halloween (no seriously)! We're always super excited about all things Christmas. We started buying gifts a few weeks back and will continue buying things here and there Nov/Dec. 
  4. Donate - I've donated a lot of my clothes to the local salvation army this year. Last I wanted to donate a toy to a child but never did. So I plan on taking a trip to the mall this year and pulling a name from the tree so I can donate to a kiddo. I love Christmas so much and this time of year makes me so happy and I want everyone to be happy so I'm going to try and donate as much as possible this year!

These are my top tasks of November. I plan on gift wrapping, shopping and keeping up with my blog and YouTube in the meantime. I'm going to keep pushing out content and working hard to one day be recognized. I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and remember diets doesn't exist on Thanksgiving and Christmas!

What are your plans this month?

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