Monday, November 7, 2016

How To Wear Pink In Fall

Somewhere along the way I became self aware of what I was wearing. What color shirt, pants and shoes? Too many accessories? Does this jacket clash with the rest of the look? I paid too much attention! As much as I believe attention to detail is very important there's always a such thing as too much attention. Style should flow. It should be based off of your feelings not too much thought.

I'm big on certain pieces being the pop of my look. I believe there should be one piece in your outfit that receives all the attention (in a bad way or a good way). i.e "Why would she wear those socks with that outfit?!" or "Oh, I love that scarf it pulls the look together." (find a piece to build your wardrobe around) When it comes to bad attention and good attention, attention is attention. As long as it flows, is natural and you pull it off wear what you want and pay no mind to the naysayers. Everyone wont agree with everything you do!

Photography By: Korey Johnson

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