Friday, November 25, 2016

How To Style A Hockey Jersey / My Birthday

Happy Thanksgiving guys! Well sort of. This post was supposed to go up yesterday but I stayed with my family eating and watching football. As soon as halftime hit I came home and got ready for bed because of work the next day. Any who, how was your Thanksgiving?! Hope it was well, I definitely enjoyed myself!

Not only was it Thanksgiving it was my birthday! I turned 28 and I still cant believe I'll be 30 in no time. Turning 28 for me was a blessing of course but it was also motivating. There's new goals that I want to achieve before I'm 30 --both short term and long term goals that I'm excited to check off my to-do list one by one.

I've always wanted a hockey jersey mainly because I was excited to style one. I'm big on pairing things together that are sort of night and day --which is obviously the focus of this outfit. I wanted to style my jersey (which was a birthday gift from KoJo) with slacks and a pair of loafers because that's something that's uncommon. I had on a gold necklace that I got for Christmas last year but it didn't fall right --it hit the V-neck wrong and made it clash. So I went with my choker because it didn't take away from my collar bone like the pervious necklace did. My goal was to make this look flow.

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How was your Thanksgiving?! What did you eat?!

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