Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Black and Fish Nets

It's finally November --well I shouldn't say finally this year flew by! It seems like we just put up the Christmas tree and decorations. But here we are just a month away from Christmas and slowly but surely the weather here in Texas is starting to catch up with the season. As I am excited for pants, longs sleeves, unnecessarily long trench coats, and boots!

When you can't think of what to wear or you want a strong solid color wardrobe --go for black lol! Its always nice to add a bit of color to black just to add a little something to your look. I plan on buying more Fall colors this year starting with this tan suede strap back hat. It complements cream, orange, brown, and of course black! It serves as my pop of color without being too bright and overwhelming.

When I was little I never understood why my brother loved Ying Yang pieces so much? But now I love them for no reason other than I think they are simply --DOPE! (and the meaning behind it is cool too) I went in one of my favorite stores, 'Earth Bound' and saw a Ying Yang ring a while back and didn't buy it (SMH) so I kept checking the store periodically to see if they had anything close to the ring and on Saturday they finally said yes!

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Photography: Korey Johnson

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