Saturday, October 29, 2016

How To Layer Pink Tones

I mean who doesn't want to go around life in sweat pants abd a pair of comfy sneakers while running errands, hanging with friends, to work, lunch, etc. As much as I want to live in sweats my obsession with fashion wont allow me to do that! So I thought I'd dress it up and make the whole sweat pants look more presentable. Some times sweats can look like you've just thrown them on after grabbing them out of the dirty hamper. I think styling more relaxed looks are frowned upon and really misunderstood by most but its really one of my favorite things about style (you're allowed to express yourself.)

 This look is perfect for a more relaxed day on the go. Its laid back enough not to be bothered and stylish enough to stay prepared for any and everything --last minute calls from friends, nothing to eat in the fridge so "let's eat out.", or a random movie night.

Photography: Korey Johnson

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