Thursday, October 27, 2016

How I Style The Vintage Tommy Hilfiger Jacket

I missed the bomber trend the first time around but I'm here for its return! Last month I picked up two bomber jackets and this beauty here. It has so much style and is outside of what everyone else is wearing. So I put it in my closet and waited until it was styled perfectly in my head --and here we are..

Back in the day (2004) I started wearing belts around my waste -thick belts, skinny, stretchy belts, belts, belts, belts! I wore them so much I grew bored of the look and retired it in 2006. Last week I gave "the belted waste" some thought and began creating an outfit to give it a go once again. This look was originally supposed to have a belt tied around my sweat shirt. After trying it on it looked better around my jacket which was a first for me but I absolutely loved it. Decided  to pair the look with royal blue and white smoking loafers, blue jeans, and a gray sweat shirt to break up all the blue that I have going on. 

Photography: Korey Johnson

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