Monday, October 3, 2016

Coming Home To Cheer At The Table

My favorite genre of music is jazz and in todays day and age anything remotely close I appreciate. I grew up on Anita Baker, Tina Marie, Al Green, The Whispers, Brandy, Aaliyah, to name a few, later finding love in Jazz. Which is why I expect so much from artists and disappointed when I don't see an effort in their music (something I see often in todays industry). I love good old soulful music with good vibes and feel goods. Which brings me to the three albums I am currently in love with and as far as I've heard (with my own ears) the best albums thus far of 2016. 

Leon Bridges - 'Coming Home'

Andra Day - 'Cheers To The Fall'

Solange - 'A Seat At The Table'

Leon is a young Sam Cooke. Andra Day is the rebirth of Amy Winehouse. Solange the daughter of Lauryn Hill and Jill Scott (if possible). All three albums are all well thought out, patiently crafted and worthy of a vinyl (if you know me there are certain songs that I'll listen to on a record player (Jazz/R&B) and certain artists in my opinion belong on vinyl.) Their music makes you feel when you've become numb, takes your soul on a ride, and inspires the poet in you when writers block invades the mind. If you're in the mood when 'coming home' for an upbeat day, a soulful afternoon at the table, or to find your emotions with cheers please take a listen to these three ARTists!

What do you think of these albums?


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