Tuesday, September 13, 2016


Currently feeling a bit overlooked in the blogosphere. As hard as I am on myself I think I put out great content (always room for improvement) -yet still overlooked. As much as I know what we see online from other bloggers,etc. is their "right now", we didn't see their "before". What it looks like at the moment isn't how it always was and we all have a beginning. I've only received a total of 8 page views this week and I'm trying to figure out what I can do to increase my views. Despite feeling a little down today I'm keeping in mind "my time will come" as long as I continue to do my part.  We all must keep in mind what "my part" is: Post frequently, stay two steps ahead of yourself, and stay in your own lane (focus on what's ahead of you and the things you need to accomplish. Focus not on what the next person is doing.)

My 5 emotional minutes are up, back to the grind!

With whatever you're doing in life hang in there.



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