Thursday, September 22, 2016

Lets Talk Personal Hygiene

I'm big on me time --a glass of wine while I binge watch my favorite shows, with a candle lit --just me and 'Being Mary Jane'. As good as that sounds I wanted to take a different approach for "me time" --behind the scenes. What goes on before I walk to my little homemade wine bar. Before I slide off my Nike slides (because I'm OCD and feel like shoes shouldn't be on the rug in front of the couch). Before I recline my side of the sofa and pick up the remote. Lets rewind to when we first walk through the door after a long days (fitness, errands, the kids football practice, work, etc.) Throw all of your clothes that reek of outside, the produce aisle in Walmart, and old deodorant that you applied before leaving the house this morning. Time to wash off the days mess...

Here are my top four personal hygiene products at the moment:

FDS Baby Powder Feminine Deodorant Spray, 2 oz

Caress Daily Silk Body Wash, 18 oz

Degree MotionSense Sheer Powder Dry Spray Anti-Perspirant, 3.8 oz

Jergens Orginal Cherry Almond Moisterizer 21oz

What personal hygiene products do you use after a long day?

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