Sunday, September 25, 2016

Girl Gone Minimalist

I know what I want to wear. But ugh, just too much going on in my closet! I've loved fashion since about the ninth grade and styling myself has been extremely easy for me until about a year ago. In my head I knew what I wanted to wear but felt like I didn't have the material I needed to pull off the look. I became bored of just about all the clothes in my closet --so I went shopping. I've noticed that I like to wear a simple crew neck tee, a pair of jeans and a simple statement shoe -key word "simple". Loud things annoy me and make me feel like I'm trying too hard. Throwing a denim jacket over a simple look is enough for me. I've also been paying attention to the color wheel and noticing what colors work well and play off of each other.

I'm currently loving blush pinks, tan, army green, burnt orange, gray, and denim of course. These shades are very calming and easy to style without doing too much. As I continued to scroll down Instagram and YouTube I noticed that there's a name for this sort of style -minimalist. Who knew?! Well I'm sure everyone did, but me! I noticed quite a bit of people are minimalists so for me that means, put your OWN twist to it. The reason I love style over fashion is because people with style are not cookie cutter to the next person. Where as with fashion everyone looks the same. Another thing I've noticed with minimalists EVERY look is tans and pinks, etc. I will not be wearing the same colors with every look. To me that's how your look becomes old, boring, and predictable. Of course there will still be all black from head to toe, color blocking when necessary and white after Labor Day. It just depends on my mood honey!

What street styles are you currently loving and will be applying to your wardrobe?!

Thanks for reading,
Londen x

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