Tuesday, September 20, 2016

5 Tips To Center Your Life

At times on Monday's I struggle to get back to the flow of things --well not necessary only on Monday's. We all get into a funk or we simply have writers block, thinking "how does other bloggers come up with content?", "stay up beat?", etc. As important as it is to create a deadline for yourself it becomes a bit overwhelming when the deadline starts to creep up on you. I begin to panic in a way and lose my peace and balance. Here's three ways to help you stay centered..

  1. GOALS: Refer back to your list of goals. (If you don't have a list umm, yeah what are you waiting for?!)
  2. MEDITATE: In a quiet space, clear your mind, take deep breathes, calm yourself.
  3. TO-DO LIST: To-Do lists always keeps me balance. The satisfaction of checking off tasks as you go will leave you feeling accomplished. A productive day is a good day!
  4. PAMPER: It's not all about work, make time to pamper yourself. I like to take time to go to my favorite nail shop to get my nails done. Buying yourself something you've been wanting or just something you like is always important.
  5.  BALANCE: As much as we feel there's not enough hours in the day to finish all the things we have to do, remember never do too much of one thing. If you have cleaning around the house, fitness, working on that short term goal, etc., give a little bit attention to it all -in a balanced way of course. Learn how to manage your time and you'll be fine.

I hope these five tips helped you in some way.

What are some things you like to do to stay balanced?!

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