Saturday, August 13, 2016

The Black Mule

Is there really a such thing as too much black? Is black from head to toe frowned upon? Well I guess for some it may be a bit too much. Some people feel black isn't for summer, but I don't follow any rules in fashion. I say wear black whenever, white after Labor Day, boots in the summer, hey just wear whatever the hell you want. The people who make up these rules aren't buying your clothes so why not wear whatever you spent your coins on?! In my opinion there's day's when black is just necessary and the more black the better. Different textures of black really add character, from denim to leather. I decided to add a pair of mules to my look with denim black shorts. 

What's your advice on wearing solid colors? 

What I'm Wearing:

Crew Neck: H&M
Shorts: F21
Mules: F21
Purse: Goodwill
Lip: NYX 'Alien'
Watch: Sam Moon


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