Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Slacks x Denim

We all love a good jean jacket. It's the perfect accessory and goes well with absolutely everything! With Fall approaching the days are still hot but the nights are going to start cooling down. I cant wait to see how everyone styles their denim jacket!  I've seen it styled the more sporty way with jeans and a pair of trainers and wanted to create a more causal option.

I finally feel like I'm finding my style again. For years I felt lost and just all over the place in fashion. I couldn't piece together outfits and the looks I managed to put together looked sloppy -didn't flow at all. It's tuff having a true love for something and then not knowing how to perfect it or even where to begin?! But I feel like I'm slowly but surely making a comeback!

How will you style your denim jacket this Fall?!

What I'm wearing:

Jacket: Goodwill
Shirt: F21
Trousers: Goodwill
Smoking Loafers: H&M
Jacket Pins: Love Culture
Choker: Love Culture
Lip: Downtown Beauty

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