Sunday, August 21, 2016

8 Forms of Procrastination

Grab your tea or a glass of red wine and enjoy a good read..

We all have our moments of distractions and bad habits of putting things off "until.." Some of us are perfectionists so things have to be "just right" -whatever that is. Even tough we notice we're not getting things done we continue to do these very unhealthy habits. Here are a few things you may be doing that goes unnoticed...

  1. SELF DOUBT - How will I be able to accomplish this?
  2. SOCIAL MEDIA - Starting your day off with social media is a bad idea! We start off looking at our favorite things and scroll, scroll, and scroll. Give yourself a time limit to be on social media (20 minutes).
  3. THE COMPANY YOU KEEP - Be sure the people around you aren't a distraction from your dreams and not only that but getting day to day things done. Be aware of the company you keep.
  4. TELEVISION - The T.V is one of the most popular distractions especially now that we have HULU, NETFLIX heck just a smart T.V in general. The television is just like social media, give yourself a time limit whether its 20 minutes or just watch one episode.
  5. MONEY - "I'll finish my book when I get a second job or at least more hours." "I'll chase my dreams when I get more money." "It's just too expensive to chase my dreams at the moment." Don't make excuses just go for it! Don't focus on not having enough money, focus on the big picture and focus on the future.
  6. RIGHT SPACE - Don't put off writing your book and/or sketching your clothing line for that perfect desk you spotted at IKEA last week or until you move into your new office space. Again just go for it now! Life is too short to put things off , you are not promised tomorrow.
  7. WHEN EVERY THING'S RIGHT - Please keep in mind nine times out of ten things will never be right. This is life we're speaking of here -one day every thing's perfect the next day it's a mess.
  8. THEIR LIFE - Focusing on the next persons life is something we should never do! Don't compare your life with theirs. Keep in mind what's for them is for them and what's for you is for you. Keep your eye on working hard to get to where you want to be in life.

In what ways do you find yourself procrastinating? 



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