Monday, July 4, 2016

The Leather Fanny

This look was styled around this chocolate fanny pack that I love! It's extremely spacious! For some reason I don't really see anyone wearing them. To some its too "back in the day" and others are probably thinking it's not the easiest to style -at first it wasn't easy for me either. My advice to styling a fanny pack is to make sure the look flows. Over a baggy men's shirt is perfect in my opinion. Also when styling a baggy top allow your bottom to be more fitted or vice versa but tight from head to toe doesn't always work.  


Button Down: H&M
Brooch: Sam Moon
Jeggings: Walmart
Smoking Loafers: H&M
Fanny Pack: Sam Moon
Lip: NYX 'Downtown Beauty'

How do you feel about fanny packs?!



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