Thursday, June 30, 2016

The White Button Up

A must have closet essential is a white button up one size up to give it a "boyfriend" feel. I'm currently in love with baggy clothes paired with loafers or a pair of heels. I've also been loving things that doesn't necessarily "go together" -i.e strap back hats and heels. 


Hat: Walmart 
Button Down: H&M 
Shorts: C.C Hughes 
Heels: Liliana 
Purse: Sam Moons 
Watch: Sam Moons 



Monday, June 27, 2016

Where Fitness & Fashion Collide

Gym shorts and smoking loafers? Yes! Back in 2009 I started wearing sweat pants and a pair of heels and it just worked. I think a dressed up sporty vibe can work if done properly. Here I wanted to style a pair of gym shorts with a blazer for a lazy Sunday brunch look.

Done with the right shorts and a tailored blazer this look is a piece of cake piece of pie! 

How do you feel about styling gym wear?!


Hat: Walmart
Blazer: Goodwill
Crew Neck: Hanes 
Shorts: Danskin
Smoking Loafers: H&M 
Lip: Matte Beauty 



Friday, June 24, 2016

Knock It Off!

There was a time where I would never wear a knock off purse -never say never right? I found myself in the store purchasing this Chanel inspired bag, making the decision that I was over it and was buying it anyway. There's tons of people who wear designer inspired clothes all the time, but the main point here is - I do what I want. Lol! 

Would you ever wear knock off?! Why?


Shirt: Hanes Crew Neck
Shorts: H&M
Shoes: Nike Flip Flops
Purse: Sam Moon
Watch: Sam Moon
Brooch: (Bee & Bicycle - Sam Moon / "fashionably strange" Forever 21)



Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Wishlist For Him - ASOS

Wanted to switch it up a bit and do a Wish List for him. Depending on the store the men section has a lot of cool finds. So for that special "him" whether brother, boyfriend, family member, or friend these pieces should narrow down the perfect gift.

*Click the picture for a direct link!*

Image 4 of Only & Sons Skinny Smart Trousers with Stretch and Turn Up

Image 1 of Lindbergh Shirt With Asymmetrical Front In Slim Fit In White

Image 1 of Lindbergh Shirt With Floral Print Short Sleeves In Slim Fit

Image 1 of Walk London Leather Dress Slippers

Image 1 of ASOS Chelsea Boots in Tan Suede With Back Pull

Image 1 of Brixton Hat Tiller

Image 1 of Catarzi Straw Fedora With Plaited Leather Band

Which was your favorite?



Wednesday, June 15, 2016

NYX Liquid Suede -review

I've had my eye on the NYX Suede Lipsticks for a while now and I finally remembered to take a trip to my favorite beauty store -Ulta to grab a few. 

So far I have zero CONS but where do I begin with the PROS?! OK, straight to the point -long lasting (does not come off when you eat/drink), moisturizing, super pigmented, smooth finish! 

They're $6.99 at Ulta -what are you waiting for?! Go! 

What are some of your favorite NYX lipsticks? 

(Left to Right) 

Downtown Beauty 
Brooklyn Thorn 



Sunday, June 12, 2016

To Mix Stripes & Leopard

I love solid colors with a print or in this case prints. I picked up this leopard print bandanna from Walmart and these printed loafers from H&M. It has been in the 90's lately so thin shorts and a sleeveless button down was perfect for a day of shopping.

What look do you go to while staying cool during the Summer?!


Button Down: Basic Editions
Bandanna: Walmart
Shorts: F21
Loafers: H&M
Clutch: Goodwill
Lip: M.A.C 'RiRi Woo'



Thursday, June 9, 2016

Currently Reading

I'm currently reading 'You Are A Badass' by Jen Sincero and so far so good. If you're stuck in a "where do I go from here?" mood this book is what you need. She is honest, raw and really does not care about your feelings (love it!). We all need that one friend that will be blatantly honest with us, tell us what we need to stop doing and what we need to start doing -Jen Sincero is that friend. In need of some straight to the point motivation? This is what you need!

What motivational books have you read?!




Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Black & Red

So today I went on a hunt for a smaller vlogging camera - and it was a fail! So I'm just going to go with my first thought -Sears! Today was a gloomy humid day with a bit of rain, now I love the rain but this muggy weather has to go! Just went with a crop top, trousers and a pair of converse for today's look.


HAT: Walmart
PURSE: Goodwill


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