Thursday, May 5, 2016

My Current Hair Care Products

1. Tension Release Hair Wash: For longer thriving hair and also helps with dry, damaged hair. Made with Guarana Root and honey that helps repair breaking and transitioning hair. The anti-breakage recipe helps reinforce hairs fiber for strong, flourishing hair.

2. Super Quench Leave In Spray: Thirsty, dehydrated hair? This is what you need! Not only does the coconut and moringa oils leave your hair smelling delicious it has lasting moisture.

3. Spray - On Polish: I don't like greasing my scalp so this spray is perfect for me! You just part your hair (with your fingers if you're lazy like me) and spray! It eliminates frizz, conditions and adds a gloss to your hair and fights humidity!

What hair products do you use?




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