Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Scarfs x Bandanna's

Along with brooches I'm adding scarfs and bandanna's back into my wardrobe. I think they'll pull just about any look together just in time for Summer. Perfect for wearing around the neck as a chocker, on the ankle with a cool pair of black boots, on the arm, and of course the scarf around the neck.  
How do you feel about bandanna's? Scarfs?

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Fashion x Style

Fashion and style same thing yeah? No!
These two in my opinion are somewhat night and day. Fashion is more put together, where style is a feeling - a vibe. Now lets elaborate on what "put together" means. Being put together is straight off the runway - those who buy pieces styled from fashion shows (ya know matching top, matching bottom). I also think fashion is labels -designer from head to toe.

Style is street wear, a "this is how I'm feeling today" wardrobe. Pulling low and high end pieces together and making them work. Mixing prints, colors, breaking all the rules in fashion. Style is sweat pants and a blazer just because in fashion a blazer would be styled with dress pants obviously!

I choose STYLE over fashion any day!

Which do you  prefer?!


Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Nike Flip Flops?!

 That I don't care what I'm wearing just grab and go -well grab, iron and go is something I've always loved! A button down with a pair of Nike flip flops doesn't necessarily "go together" but that's what I love about this look -fashion in general. Or should I say style in general, fashion and style are two totally different things but I'll touch more on that subject in a later post.

I'm not one to pair black and orange together  -too Halloween for me, but with this look it just works. Went with a pair of trousers, a button down shirt and slides -very beach vacay lol!


 P.S Am I the only one who feels some times a purse isn't necessary?


Button Down: Blair
Trousers: H&M
Sandals: Footlocker
Lip: Milani 'Matte Beauty'


Saturday, May 14, 2016

White Dots x Black Stripes

My most favorite thing to do is mixing prints -different lines and patterns are the best! This was honestly something I just threw on to go grocery shopping. It usually takes me forever to put an outfit together but this day it was easy peezy! I'm starting to think the less I think about it the cooler the look. So I'm going to start not caring more and see what happens. Wish me luck!

HAT: Walmart
SCARF: Beauty Supply Store
SHORTS: Walmart
LIPS: Milani - Matte Beauty


Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The Black Trousers



I've always loved a good pair of trousers - over the weekend my mom and I went on a little outing to the mall and a few other stores. Now my plan was to go to H&M for a pair of smoking loafers but who can go in H&M and not buy just about everything you see?! As I was making my way to the dressing room to try on a pair of shorts (that I didn't come in the store for) I saw these babies! The perfect pair of black pants that I just had to have. They are super comfy, versatile, and great breathing material. Excited to see what other looks I come up with!
Hat: Walmart
Crew Neck: Hanes
Trousers: H&M
Loafers: H&M
Purse: Sam Moons
Brooch: Sam Moons
Lip: Milani - Matte Beauty


Saturday, May 7, 2016

Return of The Brooch

A staple piece from my past was the timeless brooch. I wore them on my hats, pockets of my crew neck t-shirts, and on my shoulders. I just love the look of a brooch -it screams sophistication! As much as I love seeing a good brooch on the collar of a nice blazer, I like coming up with different ways to style them. That's the fun of fashion, right?


Panther: Forever 21
Cat: Sam Moons
Bee: Sam Moons

What accessory from your past would you like to bring back?



Thursday, May 5, 2016

My Current Hair Care Products

1. Tension Release Hair Wash: For longer thriving hair and also helps with dry, damaged hair. Made with Guarana Root and honey that helps repair breaking and transitioning hair. The anti-breakage recipe helps reinforce hairs fiber for strong, flourishing hair.

2. Super Quench Leave In Spray: Thirsty, dehydrated hair? This is what you need! Not only does the coconut and moringa oils leave your hair smelling delicious it has lasting moisture.

3. Spray - On Polish: I don't like greasing my scalp so this spray is perfect for me! You just part your hair (with your fingers if you're lazy like me) and spray! It eliminates frizz, conditions and adds a gloss to your hair and fights humidity!

What hair products do you use?




Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Met Gala 2016 Favorites!


Now of course my absolute favorite of the night was the one the only Solange! When I think of the definition of fashion I think of her -she just gets it right! This structured dress paired with these latex leggings are perfection at its best. From her hair, to her make up, the dress and leggings, to the glass slippers-everything flows. The goal is to do better than what you've done before and as much as I loved the dress she wore last year this one takes the cake! Well done (as always) Solange!


What can't Lupita Nyong'o wear?! Her beautiful skin tone looks phenomenal in anything! I'm loving the material of this gown, her make up is minimal, her earrings are necessary and her hair -perfection!


Ciara, Ciara, Ciara! How elegant does she look! Her hair is gorgeous and her dress is just beautiful! Her shoulders were made for this dress!

When you hear that Zendaya slayed at -heck any event, are you ever surprised?! When it comes to fashion this woman plays no games. Her long sleek body is wearing this dress and wearing it well! Her hair, how it draws you to her beautiful face (sigh) so cute. P.S I cant stand one solder gowns/dresses but Zendaya just made me feel otherwise.

Amandla Stenberg looked too cute in this cranberry bell bottom suit! Her hair and chocker really compliment her look. Gorgeous!

 Willow and Jaden Smith!!!! I'm getting an Asian princess vibe from Willow and I love how tailored Jaden's pants are compared to his shirt and blazer. Loving the boots and the hair too!

Who were your favorites at the Met Gala?



Monday, May 2, 2016

The Black Bandanna

Sometimes it's the little things that make your look pop, whether its a statement hat (fedora, bowler, bucket), jewelry, head wraps, or a bandanna. About three years ago I wore bandannas a bit too much and for some reason I stopped wearing them. But I've decided to add them to my wardrobe once again. Not only wearing them around my neck but on whatever bag I'm caring, on my hats, around my arm, and in this case on my boots.


Hat: Walmart
Shirt: Hanes
Shorts: F21
Socks: Payless
Boots: F21
Purse: Sam Moons
Puff Ball: Walmart
Lip: Milani 'Matte Beauty'
Bandanna: Dollar General


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