Friday, March 25, 2016

Back To Sketching

I've been sketching and perfecting my clothing line since 2010 stopping and starting again due to "sketchers block" if there's such a thing! I went from not having enough pieces, to what I now believe is a full F/W collection, to not knowing what colors to use. Now I know what shades I want to use for my collection and I must say I'm quite excited! To go from drawing your collection to a sudden lose of ideas is so irritating but I think my mind is right...again. Someone asked me what was next for me, after telling them it was fashion they commented "the fashion industry seems hard to get in." but to be quite honest I'm nowhere near worried about that. It's simple... WHAT'S FOR ME IS FOR ME. I'll get there if God allows -if not then I'm not supposed to be there. But I refuse to worry myself in the mean time! So back to sketching it is!

Guide me Lord!


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