Monday, February 8, 2016

Airport Fashion

One of my favorite films from the great John Hughes is 'Home Alone'. As much as I could watch this movie everyday I try to watch it only during the holidays. After watching it last year I noticed how much fashion has changed while traveling. It's become more about comfort than presents and I'm not sure I'm a fan. Now I understand how important it is to be as comfortable as possible, but the obsessive side of me says fashion, fashion, fashion! I miss the trench coats on top of blazers, the dancing legs of dress pants, the pumps and loafers --the presence of elegance of those with somewhere to be.

This is what traveling has evolved into --for the most part... 

Which style do you prefer, comfy or dress suits? 




  1. I wish people still dressed up to travel, it brings the romance back!

    1. OMG me too! Thought I was the only one!

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