Sunday, January 17, 2016

YouTube UpDate

Hey guys! So a quick little update on my YouTube channel..

I wanted to update my channel every Sunday called 'Londen's Week' on my week (obviously lol). I quickly realized my life is not that interesting to post a video every week. So I came up with the idea of doing short films showing my outfit of the day (O.O.T.D) and quick shots of where I'm going that day. I want my videos too have a real feel of film --movie title, produced by, staring, credits etc. I always wanted my videos to be film like. I'll be researching more so my videos will grow. I'm not one to just post just to be giving my viewers content, so I'd rather switch it up a bit. Of course the videos will be shorter but that's better than a twenty minute video about nothing and going to the same places. Why not be creative ya know? My videos (short films) will be uploaded today. Hope you enjoy! 

I just want to be great! 


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