Friday, January 29, 2016

Inspiration Through Books

I've lost my touch --at least through my eyes. I still receive compliments but I still feel there's room for improvement. So I've turned to the books and runway shows online! I've taken notes on this Spring trends, referring back to them when I'm out shopping. 


Flipping through magazines finding inspiration to rip out and sit aside. This is also great for de cluttering your work space, bedroom or bookshelf! Once I find what I'm looking for I place my scraps in my planner. I'm not sure if I want to start an inspirational board but you may find that  useful. 


Barnes and Noble is my favorite place to go for books on fashion! You can find just about any book on fashion at that place. I love to go there, find what I'm looking for, grab a cup of coffee and browse through my books to see what I can find. The 'Fashion For Dummies' book will guide you on how to put outfits together, know your body type and style, create fun looks and last but not least mastering color, pattern, and texture. 

I hope this post was helpful. Be sure to pull inspiration from any and everywhere! 



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