Thursday, January 14, 2016

How To: Styling Nike Air Huarache

Hey guys so I've decided to style one of the most famous sneakers on Instagram --the Huarache. I couldn't scroll my timeline without seeing these on every other post in every color. I'm big on styling what's trending in a way that's opposite of what everyone else is doing. I've seen these shoes paired with jeans, shorts, but never a dress --or in my case a shirt. Go for what's not trending when styling something that currently is. Think outside of the Instagram box and you'll slay everytime. 

I went with an oversized button down underneath an oversized yet fitted crew neck sweater for more of a preppy look. 



Sweater Shirt: Ross
Button Down: Burlington Coat Factory
Backpack Purse: Coach
 Lip: NYX pencil 'Prune'




  1. Love the way you've styled them and what a great tip to think outside the Instagram box, so true!


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