Wednesday, January 13, 2016

How To: Styling Converse

What comes to mind when I think of a pair of Converse --how versatile they are. They go with absolutely everything! You can dress them up and go to the bar in a dress and leather jacket or shopping in your favorite jeans, a day bag and an oversized frame. The three looks I came up with are shopping, meetings, and Brunch .


* Converse *

Look #1:

Jacket - Goodwill
Sweater - Goodwill
Jeggings - Walmart
Purse - Sam Moons
Lip - NYX 'Dirty Talk'

Look #2:

Jacket - Goodwill
Shirt - Walmart
Pants - Walmart
Purse - Michael Kors
Lip - MAC 'RiRi Woo'

Look #3:

Sweat Shirt - Goodwill
Cullotes - Goodwill
Purse - Couch
Lip - MAC 'RiRi Woo'


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