Monday, January 11, 2016

How To: Styling The Boyfriend Jacket



My love for baggy clothing is at an all time high! Here are two different ways to style "The boyfriend jacket". The way I go about styling oversized clothing is pairing it with something more toned down --more fitted.

1ST Look: of course black is slimming so this look was a piece of cake! I decided to wear a large button down in black with jeggings, a long sleeved crew neck and a scarf.

2ND Look: I wanted to keep the neutral colors but pair it with mixed prints. Went with a shorter jacket underneath, stripped black and white button down, and harem pants.


Backpack Purse: Sam's
Korey's Jacket: Thrift Store
Korey's Button Down: Burlington Coat Factory
Jeggings: Walmart
Shoes: Puma

Backpack Purse: Coach
Green Jacket: Thrift Store
Button Down: Thrift Store
Pants: Forever 21
Shoes: Huarache



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