Sunday, January 31, 2016

Color Me Nude


Took a trip to the mall today so KoJo could pick up some black on black Pumas from 'Journey's'. An outing to the mall would require tons of walking so I grabbed my most comfy sneakers --the Nike Huarache of course. As I've said before I'm loving solid colored outfits at the moment, so I went with tan again. No pop of color this time just everyone's favorite color --black. Am I the only one who doesn't like carrying a purse to the mall?! I always feel like I'm carrying too much --camera, phone and a purse. NO MA'AM! So I through all my junk in my Coach backpack purse. My inspiration for today's look was simply comfort. I am trying to teach myself that its okay to be comfy --just learn how to style around it!

Glasses: Stein Mart
Backpack Purse: Coach
Crew Neck: Dollar Store
Jeggings: Walmart
Shoes: Nike Huarache
Necklace: Goodwill
Watch: Walmart
What's your go-to solid color?
Hope your weekend went well and remember you can defeat any obstacle you face this week!


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