Wednesday, December 16, 2015

To: Me From: Me

All I do is save, save, save I never really buy myself anything. So I decided to pick out a few gifts for myself while Christmas shopping. Oh and speaking of shopping I'm nowhere near done! I plan on finishing up this Friday --wish me luck! I honestly feel so rushed this year. Christmas is literally around the corner! Next year I'm going to start shopping early, October early! If that doesn't give me enough time then I don't know what will?! Ok back to the gift I bought myself....

The Targus Grypton Pro XL Flexible Tripod. So Korey and I were on our way to the mall on a Sunday around 9 a.m (totally forgetting it was Sunday). So we took a little detour to Target because the mall wasn't open. I wanted to go to electronics to pick out my next camera (Vlogging camera) and this crazy looking Tripod caught my eye. It was only about 30 dollars and it hasn't disappointed yet! It wraps around poles, easy for on the go and it's sturdy - - holds my Canon Rebel T3 with no problem.

What Christmas gifts have you bought for yourself? Have you opened them?!

-Londen Sloan



  1. That tripod is amazing! I have a similar one and it's small enough to carry but so sturdy!


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