Sunday, November 1, 2015

Styling: Timberlands

Am I the only one excited about Christmas?! I had so much fun Christmas shopping with my mom today, we picked up a few things then back to her house to eat finger food and watch football. It was about 60 degrees outside today with a slight chill in the air.

O.k now let's rewind to this morning waking up confused as to why it was so early?! I never wake up this early! Oh yeah daylight savings! After laying in bed for about another thirty minutes or so I slid out of bed and made myself some breakfast. Now the plan was Pancakes, eggs and bacon --like I said that was the plan. I bake my bacon instead of cooking in stove top. I reached in to grab the pan, to pour the bacon grease into a skillet and almost dropped the pan and the grease spilled on me and the floor! After whining about my finger I had to scrub the floor --that whole fiasco made me completely over cooking so no eggs, just pancakes and bacon. What a morning! 

Going out seeing all the Christmas decor instantly put me in the mood for Christmas! I'm ready for ugly Christmas sweaters, holiday cups from Starbucks, Christmas cards, colored trees in Wal-Mart (red, black, purple, etc.)

I am currently in bed under the covers watching 'Mrs. Doubtfire'  while trying to stay warm! You all have a blessed night, I hope you enjoyed this post.

-Londen Sloan :-)


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