Monday, November 9, 2015

Morticia & Gomez Addams (My Birthday Brunch)

 Hey hey y'all! So my burf'day (birthday) is November 24th but I decided to celebrate a little early just to avoid any unexpected weather that may occur. So my family and I  went to my favorite restaurant 'Savor'. 'Savor' is located in Dallas on Woodall Rodgers Freeway and I recommend everyone give it a visit.

KoJo and I decided to channel our version of Morticia and Gomez Addams for my brunch celebration....

I made reservations for noon so around 11:15 a.m we were on our way. Traffic in Dallas is what many call a hot mess but going that early in the day made for a smooth ride. We grooved to old school music the entire ride arriving to valet (which is always appropriate for your birthday), made our way inside and were seated immediately. I started off with my all time favorite, Lobster Puffs!

Isn't she lovely?!

My heart, my best friend, the best blessing ever,the strongest woman I beautiful mommy! She went out and bought a new outfit for my, yes MY birthday.... basically she slayed! 

Biscuits w/ Strawberry Jam!
Lobster Puffs!
Sloppy Joe Grilled Cheese made with short ribs with a side of fries and cole slaw.

"The Glass Box" a.k.a 'Savor' 
Loved his look..had to get a picture!

-Londen Sloan 


  1. Well Happy Early Birthday! Personally I'm for celebrating my birthday for an entire month, this way you get lots of excuses to go out. It looks like you had a wonderful day and everyone looks wonderful!

    1. Thank you! Yeah that would be nice to celebrate all month! Maybe next year! ;-)


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