Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Happy Birthday To Me! | 27

I'm 27 today!

I am blessed and thank God for allowing me to live to see yet another year! I am grateful for all that I've lost, learned, and gained. How does it feel to be 27? A bit wiser, driven, closer to God, and old. Lol I kid, I kid. The older I get the more I've become aware of what I want in life, where I want to be, and how to get there.

My mother is a constant reminder of why I work hard --to please her is at the top of my list. To utter the words "look mama we made it!" Making her proud is a MUST! So spending my entire day filming YouTube videos, giving myself a headache thinking of blog content, remaining humble asking people for help, and also figuring things out myself ---is all worth it! 

I try to keep in mind to enjoy this moment. Enjoying every little moment from coloring to traveling. For this life is extremely short! I keep my mind of my dreams and the things I want to accomplish in life BUT I make sure that's not all I keep my mind on. Don't get so wrapped up in where you want to be that you lose sight of where you are now. No dream is worth missing this moment --whatever this moment may be in your life. 

Something I've always kept in mind.. In a row of Dominoes --keep God at the front. You first seek God, everything else will fall in to place. 

XO Sloan 


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