Sunday, October 18, 2015

Sunday Inspiration: Lamar Odom

"If he wakes up from his coma I'll be the happiest person on earth!" I thought while keeping to myself and refreshing Google every minute for updates. My mom texted me at 2:20 a.m Tuesday morning about Lamar and as soon as she did I googled it to make sure it wasn't just a rumor (hoping it was) and nope it was everything but that. My mood instantly changed and not to sound dramatic but my day was ruined.

I had many many moments where I was about to cry, where I didn't feel like talking or doing anything but refreshing Google. I came across some posts on Twitter blaming Kobe Bryant and the Kardashian's and I found that irritating because it's not about them, all we need to continue to do is pray and if you don't believe in prayer just focus on him getting better.

He honestly seems like a really nice guy who just happens to have flaws (AS WE ALL DO) and that's something I need people to keep in mind. Let's not judge this man but relate --we are all human. You may not have his same flaws but you DO have your own issues! I wish him nothing but the best, praying for a speedy recovery and a healthy future.

I have a list (in my head) of people I want to meet Viola Davis, Forest Whitaker, and the most important to me... to give a big hug to Lamar Odom, no words just hugs! I love and respect this man and I want the best for his future more than I want the best for mine!

May God continue to bless you Lamar. Stay strong love.

Love, Londen 

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