Saturday, October 3, 2015

Saturday Inspiration #9

Hey my beautiful visitors it's 6:38 A.M and thought I'd share my Saturday Inspiration a little early today (I normally post my inspirational post around 6 P.M) *rolls eyes at self*. This post may inspire someone, give them that extra push they need for a productive Saturday. Positive/Inspirational posts always helps me to get going so thought I'd try an help someone else...

One day last week maybe even the week before I woke up feeling motivated more than ever, and it honestly hasn't stopped since. I'm working everyday on being more consistent, I make To-Do lists (it really does help), try to stay on top of things --well on top of myself because we are always in our own way. 

I'm staying on top of blog posts, filled out blog applications, and I'm working on taking my pictures to the next level (clean & more creative), etc. This blogging world is very busy and we have to do everything in our power to stand out! My way of doing that is through fashion, adding Poetry Sessions here and there, and also blogging on topics no one is discussing. Speaking of....every time I log on to Instagram everyone's talking about the same hair products, fashion, and home decor! Not knocking what they're doing, but I just want to think outside of the "Instagram Box". 

Not everyday is a wake up and get 'er done type of morning. Some times I'm not inspired in the lest bit BUT I do my research, learn new things, set new goals, and read my morning web Newspaper xo necole. If you're not already seriously consider using a planner and making lists of things you need to accomplish this week, next week, etc. It really does help! I went on a hunt for a planner yesterday morning but no luck. Thought I'd be able to find a 2015/2016 but they only had 2016...obvi. As much as love writing things down I decided to plan in my calendar on my lap top. 

Be business minded in the best way you know how to be and always, always, always do your research!

I hope this post helped you in some way. Oh and another thing whether it be Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, whatever --only follow those who inspire you, everything else is a distraction! We are only getting older no time for negativity...positive vibes only! Push yourself to accomplish small goals working your way up to the bigger ones. Make it a priority to get at least one goal done everyday. 

Have a blessed Saturday guys and thanks for reading. Love you all and stay inspired, know that you are progressing in life while continuing to work for what you want in life one day at a time (be patient with yourself)! 

It's all about BALANCE. 

-Londen Sloan 


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