Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Fall / Halloween Essentials

Well hello there October why didn't you get here in no time! Wine in the freezer, curled up on the couch watching 'Monster Squad', about to pop some corn. *Sigh* I love this time of year living in Texas.. the summer temperatures during the day (90's) and 60's in the a.m.

*Goes on food run*

Ok I'm back..
Sitting in Sonics pull in drive thru waiting on my boneless chicken wings oh and if you didnt know they are doing a BOGO on their wings on Monday's 5p.m - close (you're welcome).

So around the end of September I sort of schedule a month of "scary" movies for the month of October and to be perfectly honest I'm not doing so well with that, but I plan on making up for it this week. Today I'll be starting off with 'Hocus Pocus' (after watching 'The Walking Dead') of course.

I've been out buying little things here and there to give my apartment a Fall feel, artificial leaves, tons of candy of course (this is really the only time I eat candy), candles, brown and burgundy lipsticks,  red wine, pumpkins, Halloween lights, etc., etc.

Fall/Halloween Essentials:

1) Huge bowls of candy of course (I ate all the twix candy bars)
2) NYX pencil in 'Prune'
3) E.L.F nude nail polish
4) L.A Colors black nail polish
5) Skeleton decor
6) Pumpkin & Caramel scented candles
7) Pinetti 2014 Rose' wine

Am I the only one who thinks red wine is for Fall? (Even though I drink it all year)

I've bought one pumpkin so far and will be going back today to get another one. So I can beat KoJo when we have our pumpkin contest lol!

What are some of your Fall/Halloween essentials?!

-Londen Sloan


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