Thursday, October 15, 2015

Fall: The Denim Jacket

Relaxing over at my mom's place watching 'Fab Life', in pain, and in the mood to eat everything in her kitchen! Am I the only that's so happy for Tyra and want the absolute best for her show?! It really is a great show, well thought out and balanced. Go Tyra!! 

I have a to-do list sitting beside me that I need to get to! Don't you just love lists?! I've gotten to the point if I don't check off the days tasks I feel like my day wasn't productive and I sat around doing nothing all day! Not a good feeling, especially at my age (lol I say that like I'm not in my 20's). I'm just really hard on myself because I just have to be inspiring and successful in fashion, writing, etc. 

My O.O.T.D was really comfy and laid back, perfect for a day full of errands. Gray and denim are a must for Fall and a pair of white sneakers to complete the look. 

What will you be wearing Gray, Denim or Tan this Fall?

- Londen Sloan 


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