Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Leopard Collar

 So I'm thinking about adding my inspiration in fashion, street style to my blog, in o.o.t.d (outfit of the day) updates in the Dallas area just to shout out all the other fashion forward folks here in Texas and to give you all inspiration.

I also need to pick up some business cards before brunch in Dallas this Sunday (better to be prepared than sorry)! I have to get back to my check list --I've abandoned it this week which is not cool and I feel like I haven't been getting things done. One of the things that's a must on my to-do list is add more fashion to my blog. I had to remind myself why I started 'Fin'. I mean I've posted my o.o.t.d here and there but not as much as I should --I have to step my game up!


Here's my o.o.t.d from yesterday --the timeless denim. Denim from head to toe will never get old in my opinion, it's such a classic piece. I decided to go with a print instead of a pop of color. What print adds that finishing touch to any denim look (besides polka dot) --leopard print of course...

I am slowly trying to transition my wardrobe from Summer to Fall by adding pieces I plan on wearing this F/W season. 

-Lip: NYX 'Dirty Talk' 
-Button Down: Goodwill
-Jeans: Forever 21
-Heels: Stein Mart 



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