Saturday, October 31, 2015

O.O.T.D: Olive

 *Sigh* I feel like I only slept three hours last night --I can't stop yawning and I just feel exhausted! I am currently out and can't wait to go home and sleep! How do you say Grande coffee! Any way later on today I'll be going to a Halloween
 party with my mom yay!

It's really windy and raining at the moment, starting to feel like Fall has arrived in Texas! Today's look is blue -blue jeans, blue Reebok jacket, blue hat and wine colored boots. I ran a few errands today -picked up my Timberland boots from the shop because the soles were falling off! What the?! So I used to wear them to work in the fall and just put them in my trunk when I clocked out. Now I'm assuming due to the heat we sometimes experienced during the day made them fall apart, if so.....only in Texas!

Lately I've been in the mood for blogging at Starbucks and also editing my YouTube O.O.T.D (that I've been slacking on but taking care of at the moment). I just love the feel and smell of Starbucks and I always feel like I'm accomplishing something working from there. Am I the only one?!

Here's my O.O.T.D that was snapped before my friend pulled up..

My favorite fall shade...olive! This color goes with everything! My next olive look will slay --I don't really like this look! I try to make sure my blog caters to elegant, tomboy, and everyday looks. This would be the "everyday" but I'm not really sure how I feel about it. Decided to post anyway, hey some may like it! 

The camera man was trying to make me laugh so I gave him the eye roll!

° Sweater: Goodwill
° Jeans: Forever 21
° Mules: Forever 21
° Faux Leather Jacket: Forever 21
° Lippy: M.A.C 'Cyber'

-Londen Sloan 

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Toni & Guy: O.O.T.D

 On October 19th I received an invite through e-mail for Toni & Guy's 'Westside' show in Dallas at the Intercontinental Hotel --I was so shocked I had to read it twice! What do you do when you have somewhere to be? Plan your outfit duh?! The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of Toni & Guy is punk rock chic --a bit of gothic elegance. So here's what I created...

Gray sweater, metallic skirt with slits on each side for a touch of elegance, paired with baby doll socks and what I call Edward Scissor Hands boots and a nose ring for a punk feel, a simple backpack purse--topped with gray hair and a wine lip. 

I wanted to make sure I was comfortable not knowing the scene which explains why I didn't wear heels and why I wore a sweat shirt. --it's okay to be comfortable as long as you make a statement in the process! Check out my two previous posts on how much fun I had behind the scenes and during/after the show! I can't express enough how much this experience was a blessing! Thank you again Dallas Blogger Collective and Toni & Guy --the most fun I've ever had in my life!

What a learning/growing experience!

How dope is this?! A glass magazine cover --brilliant!

My new friend Stephanie and I! Check out her blog (dallastrends

Thanks for reading!

-Londen Sloan 

Toni & Guy: Let The Show Begin!

 I felt at home surrounded by fashion, makeup, and hair! As much as everything was pretty fast paced everyone was so polite. The stylists allowed us to take pictures, everyone was in an up beat mood, and there was also a lot of "West Side!" being yelled out during the show! Love, love, love!

So my new friend Stephanie and I walked around for about an hour or two snapping pictures and grinning from ear to ear --before being escorted to the show room --where I was left speechless...

I don't know who this woman is but I must meet her! 

My favorite model in the white!

I loved everything about this show from the fashion (of course), the hair, make-up, and videography! I am very proud of Toni & Guy this show was amazing and well thought out. I had many moments where I couldn't believe I was there... me, really?! 

The styling was slayed, the hair on point, and the music oh the music.. from KanYe to Biggie --one word perfection! 

The part where they slayed hair..

Bruno Mascolo (left) spoke some very inspiring words that will stick with me forever. Don't live in the past or the future --live in the moment. 

I plan to. 

Dallas Blogger Collective and Toni & Guy thank you so much for this opportunity! 

Love, Londen  


Monday, October 26, 2015

Toni & Guy: Behind The Scenes (pt.1)

 So Toni & Guy reached out to Dallas Blogger Collective (that I was accepted in to by the way..yay me!) inviting six DBC bloggers to their 'Westside' show including backstage access, creative release, VIP press lounge, 20th annual photographic awards, and after party at the Intercontinental Hotel in Dallas! It was such a blessing and I enjoyed every second of it! I made new friends and met members of the Dallas Blogger Collective and also handed out a few of my business cards!

Here's a peek backstage...

It was such a new experience going alone --you know how you'd normally go to these type of events with a group of friends? Well I was on my own and I wouldn't have had it any other way. I'm normally really shy and off in a corner somewhere but I was confident, excited and living in the moment -a moment that I will forever cherish. 

This was such a learning experience from what goes on backstage and seeing it all come alive on stage, to myself. 

Isn't this dress just fabulous?!

- Londen Sloan 

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Leopard Collar

 So I'm thinking about adding my inspiration in fashion, street style to my blog, in o.o.t.d (outfit of the day) updates in the Dallas area just to shout out all the other fashion forward folks here in Texas and to give you all inspiration.

I also need to pick up some business cards before brunch in Dallas this Sunday (better to be prepared than sorry)! I have to get back to my check list --I've abandoned it this week which is not cool and I feel like I haven't been getting things done. One of the things that's a must on my to-do list is add more fashion to my blog. I had to remind myself why I started 'Fin'. I mean I've posted my o.o.t.d here and there but not as much as I should --I have to step my game up!


Here's my o.o.t.d from yesterday --the timeless denim. Denim from head to toe will never get old in my opinion, it's such a classic piece. I decided to go with a print instead of a pop of color. What print adds that finishing touch to any denim look (besides polka dot) --leopard print of course...

I am slowly trying to transition my wardrobe from Summer to Fall by adding pieces I plan on wearing this F/W season. 

-Lip: NYX 'Dirty Talk' 
-Button Down: Goodwill
-Jeans: Forever 21
-Heels: Stein Mart 

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