Saturday, September 5, 2015

Laughter The Best Medicine

They say laughter is the best medicine in my case especially when laughing at self. So I moved to Texas in 2012 and did some site seeing and drove past this store that had a rather interesting name so I decided to take a peek inside. They sold everything from shoes to jewelry, suitcases, to purses, etc. I noticed some knock off purses here and there and some really nice backpack purses that weren't knock offs and more. Ok, now just because I saw a few knock offs I didn't know most of them weren't real! Now this black purse pictured below (take a minute to take it in)....

This purse caught my eye so home with me it with. Now I'm just loving this purse, I finally found a really nice day bag that can hold all my junk and goes with every outfit. Later, and I mean later we're talking about months later (because I didn't carry it often) I realized it's a knock off!! 


Now if you like fake purses by all means do you but me, no! I think it's disrespectful to the designer... I don't know it's just not for me. Have you seen "You fake like this Berkin" written on bags? Yeah that quote should be written all over this purse! 

I am able to laugh at this mistake I made even though being in to fashion I should've spotted this from a mile away. Lol! But life isn't that serious and I won't be getting rid of this bag I honestly like it and sleep won't be lost on the opinions of others concerning my fake bag lol! I must acknowledge the fact that I know it's not I plan on writing on it or something.

Be able to laugh at yourself!

Thought i'd share the story behind this bag hope you got a giggle or two out it I know I did!

What fashion mishaps have you made?

- Londen Sloan 


  1. What a great idea! You should totally decorate it and just make it your own.

    1. Yeah I just have to figure out what to write on it. :-)


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