Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Fall: Boots

 I can't believe we're a day away from October, 2015 is really flying by! I'm super excited, I love October it's one of my favorite months --the pumpkins, beautiful leaves, scary movies, Halloween decorations and of course the fashion! Boots, flannel shirts worn the correct way (not tied around the waist --I think we've exhausted that look), an oversized sweater/sweat shirt, dark lips, black glasses *screams* I just love it! I've been seeing lots of people wearing black lips this Summer but me personally now is the time for a black lip..a perfect transition in to Fall. Speaking of boots here are my go to's for chilly weather....

My black wedged booties that I picked up from Target! Now I know people don't really post their Target finds but whatever Tar-shay (Target) slays lol! They were about 30 bucks I believe (can't remember because I can't remember anything these days). These babies with a pair of distressed black jeans and an over-sized gray sweater (jumper for my people in London I the only one who loves when they say jumper), black glasses and a Starbucks cup with Tea! (hold the coffee..)

Oh I decided to take this picture lying on top of my old Elle & Vogue magazines --in with the old in with the new..seeing that trends just repeat themselves.

What do you love about Fall?!

-Londen Sloan


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