Wednesday, August 26, 2015

What Diet?!

O.k just to clear the air women are allowed to eat whatever they please when aunt flow is in town! That's just the way it is. Don't ask questions, judge us....just be quiet or we'll eat you too!

Everywhere you turn on Instagram someone's talking about fitness. What we should eat, drink, and heck even wear (waist trainers). As inspiring as some of the pages are lets face it we ALL slip up and eat 4-5 slices of thin crust pizza or a pie for breakfast oh and the're the car with someone and they want to stop and grab a bite to eat and it just happens to be 'In & Out Burger'! I mean  who can say no to that?! 

With me someone always wants donuts when I'm eating right, always! Speaking of eating "right" I do think we should all eat our fruits and veggies and buy wheat this and wheat that, but sometimes those things can be a bit pricey. So my main focus is DON'T GO BACK FOR SECONDS! *easier said than done right?!* 

I'm small and have been all my life but my problem area (that didn't arrive until moving to Texas) is my midsection. My irritating stomach that bloats because it Tuesday 1:13 p.m! It does what it wants and not only that its accompanied by love handles. I still haven't figured out the "love" part! 

I make sure I work my butt off but I am not one of those people who share only the "good things". I mess up at times by eating things I shouldn't and not exercising some days. No I don't feel bad when I have a cheat day on Tuesday when really my "eat whatever you want" day is Saturday. I don't throw a fit or lose any sleep. I just make sure I learn and continue to do better for ME. 

I don't weigh myself or count calories it seems like a total waste of time to me. I know my goal and I don't need a scale or the back of a cardboard box to help me with that. But if you do weigh yourself and jot down calories that's fine do what makes you happy!

Make sure you do this for YOU. Don't tone up, lose weight, gain weight to make others happy because it's not about them! Keep inspirational people around you who will not only motivate you to be a better you but someone who will eat two boxes of Chick Fil A fries with you so you don't have to consume all the calories but be your wing man who will take on the calories with you! 

Have a blessed day and remember do better today than you did yesterday! 

-Londen Sloan 


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